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::Chapter Four::

So. He was officially convinced. That guy was definitely stronger than he was letting on... And for some reason, he seemed to be hiding the bulk of his power. But why? Without him, Sailor Moon surely wouldn't stand a chance...her tiara hadn't worked against his daimon and she'd panicked. That guy had begun to power up...but he'd never seen anyone power up like that before....

He'd left soon afterwards. He'd gotten what he wanted; Information.

Jediete shook his head. He'd already failed once...Beryle wouldn't stand for much more. If I got that guy out of the picture, Sailor Moon and those Senshi of her's would fall as well... But that guy never seemed to leave her side...he would have to find a way to distract him. At least for a second.....

Chuckling to himself, Jedite began his planning.


"Did you find him yet?," the little boy asked anxiously.

The 'man' shook his head slowly. He just wasn't in this dimension anymore. Or what little life was left in this universe. Which he couldn't detect any. His antennae quivered. Nope. Another dead end. And what was worse, he couldn't even sense Cell anymore. He shuddered. This was bad. If he Cell wasn't in this universe then that meant-

The boy looked away. Dad...where ARE you?

His halo glistened in the sun.


"So what now?," a perturbed Usagi asked. Goku shook his head.

"We really have to be more careful..."

"Huh? Why?"

"That youma was a trap..."

"A trap?," Her blue eyes grew wide with confusion.

"Yes. It wasn't after energy like the usual ones. So my guess is that it was a see just how strong you were were."

A Test? She scowled. Remembering the bad mark she got in history earlier that day, she looked up at Goku hopefully. "Did I pass?" She stared up at him pleadingly.

He cleared his throat.

"Er...why don't we get you home?" He needed to take care of a few things. Like tracking down those two mysterious Senshi, for one.

"Go-chan!!!," she suddenly remembered something. "What about my tiara?!!!" She was close to tears. "I'm the only one who can destroy youma; Rei and Luna will think I'm a failure if I can't even do that right!" She began to cry.

"Usagi! Usagi-chan! Calm down!! I'll teach you a new way to fight." She stopped crying and looked up at him.


He smiled. "Of course. And I can guarantee that you'll be up and destroying monsters in no time." He did the famous hand motions. "In the name of the Moon! Right? RIGHT?"

She giggled, and something stirred inside of him. He suddenly felt funny.

"What about those new sailors?," she asked, totally oblivious Goku's sudden silence. He didn't answer, staring ahead. What was this feeling? He couldn't describe it. Maybe I'm hungry... The thought satisfied him. Yes. That was it. He hadn't eaten in an hour, and even then he'd only had seconds. That must be it.

A small, pale hand waved itself in front of his face. "Earth to Goku...ya there??" He nodded.

"Usa, do me a favor and be ready at six o'clock sharp tomorrow morning, ok?"

She gaped. That was a little...early.. wasn't it? "......Uh...right..." The two walked on in thoughful silence until they came to Usagi's driveway, where a heavenly aroma greeted them. Great! Mom's already got dinner ready, the girl thought greedily. Goku's mouth watered.

She was suddenly grabbed in a fierce hug.

"OH! My poor baby! I was so worried!! I'm so glad you're ok!!!," the blue haired woman cried, her grip tightening. Her eyes filled with tears. Not far from them, a boy with straw-colored hair and a taller dark haired man stood, the boy watching with open curiosity, and the man with suspicious eyes.

" can't-"

"I heard about that awful monster on the news! Thank goodness nothing happened..." She then noticed Goku. She regarded him curiously. "And who might this young man be?"

"Oh...uh...this is Son Goku...." She waited fearfully for her mother's reaction.

"Hi!," Goku remarked happily. Ikuko liked him immediately. She gave him a kind smile.

"Nice to meet you Goku. I'm Usagi's Mother. It was nice of you to walk our daughter home on such a dangerous night...would you like to stay for dinner?"

Goku beamed. "Weelll...if you insist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (^_^)

"Wait a minute!!," the man suddenly cut in. "Just who are you? Where do you live? Why don't I remember seeing you around town? What school do you go to? What grade are you in? And just how old are you?"

"Wow. This guy looks totally strong! Do you work out?," asked the sandy haired little boy. Much to Mr. Tsukino's Dismay, Goku turned to the boy, completely ignoring the man and his rants.

"Not exactly...I'm trained in the art of Kaio-Ken."

"Oh! Is that like Karate?" he asked, wide eyed.

"Um....well, I suppose it could be classified as a form-"

"That's neat," the boy said, wistfully. "Dad won't let me take Karate. D'ya think you could teach me some?" Goku smiled.

"Sure! As long as it's alright with your dad that is." They looked over to him for permission.

He gaped. "How can you even think to ask me?!! Ofcourse not!!! It's too dangerous!!!"

"Awww!! But Dad!!!!!!!!," the boy protested.

"No buts!"

"I never get to do anything," he pouted disappointedly.

"Now Shingo," his mother soothed. "Why don't you go finish your dinner?"

Mr. Tsukino turned to Usagi. "Where were you?"

Usagi stuttered. "Uh...we were...I mean, I was over at Rei's temple and I lost track of the time and Goku offered to er...walk with me, since it was so dark and all...." She glanced over at Goku for affirmation, but he only stared back cluelessly.

Ikuko-mama clasped her hands together. "What a considerate young man you are! You're welcome here anytime." Mr. Tsukino's jaw fell.

"Yea!," Shingo agreed. "You can see my room! And maybe Dad'll chance his mind about letting you teach me Karate. No one should be subjected to Usagi's company for too long, or they'll become as dumb as she is."

"SHINGO!!!!!!!" Usagi shrieked, her streams of hair bopping.

Goku was growing increasingly uncomfortable by the angry glares he was receiving from Mr. Tsukino. And then he felt it; A spurt of dark ki. It was still pretty far, but was suspiciously stronger than the average human. He began to back up.

"I'm sorry everyone, but I really must be going." He smiled at Ikuko-mama. "Oh, and thank you for the invitation, Mrs. Tsukino." He looked truly heartbroken, turning down all that delicious smelling food......

Ikuko seemed to understand. "Let me atleast give you some cookies," she offered.

He was torn. He really should go after that ki...but cookies sounded wonderful....then again, maybe he could spare a few seconds....

"Thanx!" He grinned. Moments later, he was on his way, with an armload of chocolate chip fudge cookies, which he devoured half of before taking off into the night. "Bye, Usagi!," he cried as an after thought. And then he was gone.

Usagi pouted. " chased him away..." She mumbled crossly. She just didn't understand. Goku seemed to bond with everyone EXCEPT HER. Why?

"Hey, Usagi!" Ikuko-mama leaned down consperacially. "He seems like a nice young man...why don't you invite him over for dinner sometime? I'm sure once your father gets to know him he'll soften."

Mr. Tsukino overheard and frowned. "Honey, she's too young. And I've never even seen this guy before...what about that nice whats-his-name? Melvin? Now there's a good boy!"

Mrs. Tsukino sighed.

"Usagi should be able to choose her own friends, dear."

Are these really my parents?, a dazed Usagi wondered silently.

"Man! That guy was so cool!! How'd he ever end up with a space case like Usagi-chan?" Shingo wondered aloud.

"HEY!! YOU BRAT! WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!" He stuck out his tongue at the sputtering girl and ran towards the house with Usagi hot in pursuit. However, she soon tired of chasing her brother, and proceeded to climb the stairs to wash her hands and face.

Luna leapt atop the bathroom counter. "Usagi-chan! Where have you been?! We have a meeting with the other senshi tonight!!"

Usagi scowled. "Yea, yea....I'll go, ok? Right after I eat. I haven't eaten since lunch." She turned on the water. "Oh. And we ran into a youma." She stated casually.

"WHAT?!" As expected, Luna completely freaked.

"Yeah, Goku and I took care of tiara wouldn't work!" Her eyes began to fill again, and she splashed cold water over her face.

"Usagi!," Luna screamed, "why didn't you contact the others?!"

"Sorry!! But there really wasn't time for-" Just then, the phone rang. Usagi dried her face and went to answer it. "Hello?"

"U-Usagi-chan!!! You've gotta help me!!" the distraught voice cried.

"Huh? Naru-chan?! What's wrong?," Usagi asked worriedly. She heard a faint click on the other line. Shingo had been listening to her conversation again.

"It''s The Enemy! They're here and-" There was a scream, and the other line went dead.


"Usagi what is it?," Luna asked.

The girl shook her head. "No time Luna!!" She raced down the stairs. "Alert the others!! Tell them to meet me at Naru-chans!" Then she flew out the door, running for her best friends house. Only later did it occur to her to wonder how Naru would know about The Enemy...or why she would call Usagi for help instead of the police.


Goku trailed the evil ki for some time. So wrapped up was he in his task, that he didn't notice how many miles he'd flown, until he ran out of cookies. "Oh man....I'm soo hungry..." And then he noticed his surroundings. He was in an urban area. Far FAR away from the Juuban district.

He sighed.

"Alright! Enough of this!" He dropped down easily from the sky, brushing cookie crumbs from his hands and landing softly on the ground below. "Jadiete! Come out! I know it's you!"

He heard laughter that echoed through the trees.

"Very good, Goku! You found me."

Goku looked around suspiciously. Jadiete had somehow thrown his ki so that it seemed to surround the forest. "Just come out! I don't have time to play hide and seek with you." More laughter.

"What's the matter? Can't you find me?"

Goku frowned. Nevermind. He'd find him. He closed his eyes, reminded of his fight with Frieza, when the alien had been too fast to track. Suddenly his eyes opened and he did a ninety degree turn, throwing a small ki blast into the darkness.


An angry Jadiete just managed to dodge the attack. Goku laughed. Jadiete quickly covered his anger, running a hand through his wavy blond hair.

"Impressive. You are a very powerful senshi Goku...."

Goku shook his head. "What is it Jadiete? Why did you lead me all the way out here?"

"Perhaps you'd consider joining Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. Such power shouldn't be wasted."

Goku straightened. "I don't waste anything! I fight to PROTECT the earth from evil like you....and who's Queen Beryl?"

Jadiete laughed again. "When we take over the earth, you'll be welcomed into the ranks of the darkness. Isn't that better than a life of captivity?"

"And what about the Sailor Senshi?" Jadiete snorted.

"They'll be killed for their insubordination."

Goku stared at Jadiete angrily. Was he serious? "Sorry, but I don't join my enemies and betray my friends!" Before him, Jadiete sighed.

"I had a feeling you'd say that. But don't you think it was kind of me to ask?" Goku only stared. Suddenly Jadiete began to laugh. Goku raised his eyebrows. Declining his offer must have drove the guy insane.

"Tell me Goku," he started, "What's Miss Moon up to right now? Or that seems to formal doesn't it? Maybe I should just call her...Tsukino Usagi." Goku gasped, speechless. Jadiete laughed again. "That's right, Goku. I know her identity. And it's all thanks to you."

"...How? How did you-"

"It was all very simple really," Jadiete continued. "Remember that youma attack? I noticed something. No one can mistake you, no matter how you're dressed. And I realized that you never left Sailor Moons side..." He laughed again. "Right about now, Belgonga should be handling those sailors quite nicely. I modeled the new youma after your attacks, you know. You should feel quite flattered. Those pathetic little Sailors don't stand a chance without you, and you'll never reach them in time!" He laughed. Goku was shaking.

" was all a trap.."

Jadiete laughed again. "Oh no. I was serious about you joining us. But I see now that you never would." An eery wind had begun to blow, and he noticed Goku's black hair seemed to glint gold. He decided that it was time to go. "Well, I'm off! Maybe I can catch the last few minutes of the show!" He threw open a portal and was gone.

Goku clinched his fists. It had all been his fault. Jadiete had recognized him even without his orange gi. He'd seen Usagi with him, and had made the connection. It's my fault.., Goku realized suddenly. He closed his now green eyes.

"IT'S MY FAULT!!," he screamed, and his hair went pure gold. The sky exploded with yellow as he shot towards the town.


The two looked on helplessly.

"Uranus," the one called Neptune pleaded, "Can't we help them just this once?"

Uranus turned away. "I'm sorry! But you know we can't! We can't afford to alter the future any more than it already has been. Two people from this time have already seen us...who knows how many people they might have told. We have got to stay out of it."

"But the Princess! She'll be hurt! Maybe even killed! How can we just sit back and let that happen?" Uranus winced.

"The princess must be strong...we mustn't interfere...our mission is to observe...."

They watched sadly with mixed feelings.


Ami and Rei were already in front of Naru's store by the time Usagi had arrived.

Ami had scanned the area with her VR vision. Touching her earring, she retracted the visors and turned to the others. "There's definitely some negative energy here," she exclaimed.

Usagi had shaken her head. She already knew that. "We have to save Naru-chan!"

Rei frowned.

"Hold on Odango! This sounds totally could be a trap." But Usagi ignored her and rushed in. The others ran after her.

"Naru," she called. Are you alright?" The girls were suddenly hurled into one of the glass display cases, shattering it. Just then Luna arrived.

"Girls! That's not Naru!! Transform!"

The three picked themselves up shakily, Ami cradling her left arm and Rei limping slightly.

"Mars Power, Make-up!"

"Mercury Power, Make-up!"

"Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"

The three transformed in a fantastic show of lights, fire, and bubbles. The newly Henshined Sailor Moon touched her mask.

"How dare you impersonate my friend? A pretty soldier in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon!"

"A factor for the planet Mars, Sailor Mars!"

"And for the icy planet Mercury!"

Sailor Moon did her famous hand motions. "For Love and Justice, we'll punish you!" For the first time, the three got a good look at the youma. It had Naru's red hair, and a tall humanoid frame. Before Sailor Moon could react, she heard a voice coming from one of the red disks on her odango.

"Help me!" That was Naru's voice! Sailor Moon removed her mask and looked into one of the eye holes. Naru's image appeared, tied up, with her mother, and locked in the basement. She felt a surge of relief. "Guys, Naru's ok!" She squealed happily.

"Thats great, Sailor Moon brain, now how about helping us here?," an irritated Sailor Mars barked. Sailor Moon stuck out her tongue.

"Mars Fire Ignite!" The youma laughed as it deflected the fire, sending it back to the girls.

"Just who are you?!" Mars demanded after dodging her attack.

The youma grinned. "I am Belgonga! I will destroy you for my master Jadiete!" She created a large fireball, hurling it at the unsuspecting girls.

Sailor Moon screamed.

"Mercury Bubbles!" Mercury's shabon spray flew at the fire ball, slowing it down just enough for the girls to leap out of it's path.

"You have to destroy it!," Luna screamed.

Mercury pulled down her VR vision and took out her mini computer. "You guys! Distract the youma while I try to detect a weakness!"

Sailor Moon looked on helplessly. "But my tiara..."

"Later!" Mars yelled. She took out a charm and stared intently at the youma. "Aku Ryo Tai San! Evil demon begone!" She threw the charm at the daimon, who seemed dazed for a second.

"GOT IT!," Mercury yelled snapping her computer shut. "Guys! Aim for the left side of her middle!"

Belgona suddenly snapped out of it. Sailor Moon removed her tiara doubtfully, charging it up.




The girls each released their signature attacks.




Fire, bubbles and tiara combined, super charging the attack. It flew straight for Belgonga, who had just regained her bearings. At the last moment however, she noticed the tiara and threw her own attack at it. The dark energy consumed the tiara, and then it was gone. Sailor Mercury gasped. What could they do now? They weren't strong enough to beat it. They'd given it their all... From the shadows, a masked man watched the events silently.

Belgonga held up a glowing green gem, and the girls felt themselves weaken.

She's planning to snatch our energy for the Enemy, and then kill us!, Sailor Moon realized. She struggled to her feet. I can't let her hurt my friends! But it was too much, and she fell back down exhausted. Goku... she thought. Where are you? And then as fast as she'd been drained, she felt her energy returning. She glanced up, expecting to see the spikey haired Goku, but instead met eyes with the caped Tuxedo Mask. His rose had shattered the emerald, and the collected energy was drifting back to it's owners.

"Tuxedo Mask," Sailor Mars gasped.

Belgonga was screaming. The youma launched itself at Tuxedo Mask in a fury and slashed the front of his tux. He took out his cane and prepared for combat, but the daimon snapped the cane in two. In the next instant, Tuxedo Mask was slammed into another glass case of jewelry. He didn't get up.

"Tuxedo mask!," Mars and Moon screamed in usion. At the sound of their voices, the youma turned and hurled an onrush of energy at Mars.

Mercury gasped. "MARS!" Mars tried to rise, but her ankle collapsed beneath her, sprained from her earlier fall. She closed her eyes, waiting for the blast to hit....but it never came.

Sailor Moon had thrown herself infront of Mars, taking the blast herself. She cried out in pain.

"SAILOR MOON!!," Mars screamed. "Odango no baka! Why'd you do that?!!" Tears streamed down her beautiful face.

"Rei...." Sailor Moon smiled weakly at her friend. "You'd do the same for me, right?" She closed her eyes. Her brooch began to glow, and she detransformed.

"USAGI-CHAN!," Rei screamed. Mercury felt numb.

Neptune went pale. "P-Princess!!," she whispered, horrified.

Uranus saw red. "To hell with the mission! This fucker's TOAST!" WORLD SHAKING!"


The two deadly attacks combined, heading straight for Belgonga. The youma never knew what hit it, and in seconds, it was destroyed. Mercury gaped at the two mysterious strangers.

"Who are you? Wait!!" The blue haired girl called after the two strangers. "Why did you help us?"

The taller one turned, face masked in shadow. "Take care of Sailor Moon." And then they were gone.

Shaking her head, Sailor Mercury ran over to Mars and the now unconscious Usagi. "Usagi-chan...are you ok?" There was no answer. She knelt down beside the two.

"Usagi?," Mars asked in a small voice. "Usagi?! USAGI!!!" She began to shake the girl desperately.

"Rei stop!" Mercury grabbed Mars' hands. "She may have a concusion....we shouldn't move her!" Sailor Mars began to cry. After everything she'd done, Usagi would still risk her life for her?

"R-Rei....what are you blubbering about?," a thin voice asked.

"Because Usagi is- Usagi?!" The girl had opened her eyes and was regarding the duo weakly. "Meatball head!!" Mars threw her arms around the girl, followed by a relieved Sailor Mercury who did the same. Luna shook the tears from her whiskers.

"You're ok!!"

The blonde grinned weakly. "Yea, I just got the wind knocked out of me," she lied. That beam had really hurt. Her stomach burned, and she felt terrible.

"How touching."

At the sound of the voice, they turned to see a smiling Jadiete regarding them under hooded eyes. "I see you've somehow managed to beat my matter. I'll just have to dispose of you Sailors myself!"

"Jadiete!!" Mars yelled. His smile deepened as his gaze fell on Usagi, who at the moment was struggling to stand.

"How are you feeling Miss Moon?" The girls gasped, and Usagi paled. "Nevermind about how I know," Jadiete continued. "And you won't be around long enough to worry about it anyway." He began walking towards them. The senshi stood protectivly in front of Usagi, while Luna hissed. When he was about three feet away, a yellow blur intercepted him, and he was knocked headfirst into the plaster wall of the store.

The girls gaped.

Goku, Usagi whispered. And then she lost consciousness. It was Goku...but he was different. His hair was a golden blond and stuck strait up on his head, while his eyes were bright green. An eery calmness set about him.

"This time..." he whispered. Jadiete wouldn't be leaving. If he let him go, he'd just come back, even stronger than before maybe....and with help. His gaze cut to Usagi, who was lying unconscious on the floor. He turned back to Jadeite angrily, preparing to attack. But something stopped didn't seem right somehow. Jadeite was no match for him; Not by a longshot, even. He was only a pawn...taking orders from some higher power.

And didn't everyone deserve a second chance?

Stop it!, he told himself harshly. This is the same kind of thinking that got everyone in your universe KILLED. But HE'D gotten another chance....and he'd given Vegeta and Piccolo second chances too, and they'd turned out ok. On the other hand...Gero and Frieza...they'd gone right back to their evil ways. But still....

No. He shook his head. He couldn't. He just couldn't do it. Not yet anyway. His golden hair slowly melted into black, falling back into it's normal shape. His bright green eyes darkened, returning to their normal shade of black, and the golden aura of power around him faded.

Mars' eyes widened. "Goku? What are you doing?" He didn't answer, staring down at the fallen man. Something in the general's eyes.....

Mars took a step forward. "You're not thinking of letting him go?! He'll just come back!"

Mercury nodded in agreement. "I must agree with Sailor Mars, Goku."

Goku was silent. "Look what he did to Usa!!," she screamed.

"You don't understand, Rei," he started quietly. Jadeite stood slowly.

"You pathetic earthlings," he sneered. "You're right. I shall be back! The Dark Kingdom WILL prevail!"


Goku turned. "No, wait!," he shouted. But it was too late. Sailor Mars was surrounded by a firey red glow. She gazed at Jadeite through hate filled eyes.

"In the name of Mars, Mars Imperial Flame!" A barrage of blue and red fire came at Jadeite. But before the flames could consume him, Goku caught a satisfied look on the blond's face. And then the fire took him.

Jadeite had WANTED to die. Just as he'd suspected. He'd seen it in his eyes. Someone had been controlling him. He turned to the Senshi. Sailor Mars had collapsed. Her fuku had disappeared, and she now wore her priestess garb. Mercury quickly rushed to check the girl's pulse.

"She's ok! I can feel a faint heartbeat...but just barely...We have to get Rei and Usagi to a hospital! My moms a doctor!" Goku nodded, bending to collect a battered Usagi in his arms. He closed his eyes.

Usa...I failed you...I promised I'd be with you, to help you fight... His throat tightened, and he held her closer, brushing his lips against her forehead. And Rei...Rei had somehow unleashed a hidden power, but had used too much of it at once, exhausting her body. She'd be weak for a couple of days, but she'd be ok. And Usagi? What was the extent of her injuries? Of her powers?

"We have to hurry!!," a now detransformed Ami cried.

Ami. She'd kept her cool so far, but even she was wearing thin. And where was Luna? "I'll call an ambulance!," she began, but Goku stopped her.

"I have a faster way." Balancing Usagi carefully, he picked up Rei and placed her gently over his shoulder. "Come on Ami. You have to trust me now," he coaxed gently, in a voice he'd once used with his son. She stared up at him with wide blue eyes, at this brave youth, whom she knew nothing about. But as she looked into his dark eyes now, she was able to see why Usagi trusted him so blindly. She walked up to him, his arm coming around her waist in a firm, but gentle grasp. And then he took to the air. If either of them had glanced down, they would have seen a golden crescent moon appear on Usagi's forehead, where Goku had kissed her.


Tuxedo Mask watched them leave.

He'd been powerless. Even more so than the sailor senshi. I couldn't protect them, he realized. He felt disgusted as he stumbled weakly towards the spot where Jadeite had died. That spot called him. The ground had been completely blackened by Sailor Mars' fire star, scorched.

He sank to his knees. In the midst of the charred ground was a small, oval shaped pale pink stone. The stone sang. Such a beautiful song... Picking it up gingerly, he stood, making his way carefully into the night.

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