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'Isagiyoku Kakkoyoku Ikite Ikou

(just a long long time)

Tatoe futari hanarebanare

Ni natte mo (let go of me)

Take my revolution........'

Ouki Masami: Revolutionary Girl Utena Theme

Vive la Revolution!

Prologue p>It was well after dark by the time Usagi arrived. After getting home, she’d first had to answer her worried inqueries. ‘How was school?’, ‘Did you meet any new friends?’ and ‘What are your classes like?’ After ensuring her mother that everything was fine, she ran upstairs, only to be confronted again by Luna who bombarded her with the very same questions.

”Minako called,” she added, “she said that they all miss you back home.” Usagi nodded, grabbing her transformation broach and pinning it hurriedly to the bow of her school uniform. Luna immediately came to attention.

”Usagi! What are you doing? Is everything ok?,” she asked tensing, there had been no more need for a Senshi ever since the last battle. Usagi shook her head, still fumbling with the broach. “I think there might be trouble! I explain on the way there!” And the two had left, only to discover that they had no idea where they were headed. Usagi had sighed in frustration. Utena needed her! She HAD to find this arena forest place. After much stumbling, (and the help of a passing student) the two finally found it.

Luna frowned. “Usagi, I don’t like this place; I feel a strange energy.” Usagi was beyond caring. She ran ahead, spotting something. It was a large door, double doors actually. Impatiently she pushed at them, discovering that they were sealed tight. Desperate, she began banging at them, calling out to anyone who would listen.

”Usagi, stop!!!,” Luna hissed. “You aren’t even supposed to be here, remember? The girl frowned. Luna was right, ofcourse. But then how would she get in? The doors didn’t even have a key hole. Oh well, maybe she could blast it open as Sailor Moon! And without hesitating, she called out the words:

Moon Crystal Power!!

In a moment, Usagi was gone, replaced by the once known Champion of Justice. She closed her eyes. It felt good to be Sailor Moon again. Before she’d always hated having to henshin, hated the responsibility. But now it felt different; if felt right.

Luna was outraged.

”Usagi! What has gotten into you!” she cried angrily. “Why are you so desperate to protect a girl you don’t even know?! We have to have a plan! You can’t just-“ but she was cut off by a voice.


Turning, Sailor Moon came face to face with Utena’s bright blue eyes. She let out a sigh of relief. She wasn’t too late! Luna cast a suspicious glance at the girl.

"Usagi," the girl continued, "what are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that?," she wondered aloud, noting the sailor fuku and boots. Usagi cringed, gasping in shock. It had just dawned on her that Utena recognized her in this form. That had never happened before! She glanced down at Luna helplessly, not knowing what to do.

"And who were you talking to?," Utena went on, looking around curiously. "I don't see anyone here." Usagi felt dizzy. How had Utena recognized her? She touched her mask worriedly. It didn't make sense!! But to her relief, Utena only shrugged, stepping past her to the doors.

"Nevermind. We have other things to worry about, like teaching Saionji a lesson!" She fumbled around with the door, obviously looking for a way in. "How do you get inside this place?"

But Usagi wasn't listening, she'd turned her back,

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