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::Chapter Three::

Heero watched as Sailor Moon touched her Brooch, detransforming in a flurry of pink ribbons. When she looked up, he was still watching her, unabashingly.

She blushed.

Suddenly she gasped. Luna looked startled. "Serena!! What is it?! Are you alright?," the cat seemed overly excited. Heero raised an eyebrow.

"NO!! I just remembered! Artemis is still back there!!" The two raced back to the previous area where the villainess had first appeared. Heero followed a short distance behind. They found the snow colored cat stumbling dazedly to its feet.

"Artemis!," Luna cried racing forward. "Artemis are you ok??!"

A dusty Artemis smiled slightly. "Yea Luna....just a little sore is all." Serena dropped to her knees, scooping up the feline.

"You're ok!!!," she wailed tearfully, hugging him to her happily.

Luna sighed. "Serena get a hold of yourself." But she was smiling too.

"Ouch! Not so rough!" Artemis exclaimed painfully. And yet, he didn't struggle in her arms. With the death Venus, he'd grown closer to Serena, following her everywhere and keeping a close watch. Luna was touched. The suave talking Cat had grown fiercely protective of the young princess. It was then that Artemis noticed Heero, who'd been watching silently.

"You talk, too," the pilot noted coldly. It should've been no surprise. And this cat looked exactly like the other, save for the color. They both had those weird crescents on their heads. Just like that girl had had....

He glanced at her forehead. No. It was gone now.

Serena was still blubbering over the white cat, gushing waterfalls of tears. Heero looked away in disgust. Such a blatant display of emotion. Emotions were weak, and this girl looked very emotional. Hence his point. He suddenly felt himself being watched. That cat. The white one. He glared, but the cat didn't seem to notice.

"Who's this guy?" it asked, curiously.

"Oh! I almost forgot! This is Heero!," Serena declared. "He saved me from Catsy just now." Heero frowned. The girl seemed to disregard everything he said.

"I told you. I was only returning the favor." He cast her a hard glance. "It was obvious you had no idea what to do. Your combat skills are pathetic." Serena's face fell. She'd always known she wasn't very good, but to hear someone say it so matter-of-factly....

She suddenly brightened as a light went on in her head. "Does this mean you'll teach me to fight? Help me destroy them?" Her large blue eyes grew hopeful. Luna gasped.

"SERENA!" She did NOT like involving this weird young man in their business. But she didn't have to worry. Heero had no intention of sticking around.

"No," he answered. "Fight your own battles. I'm not involved." He turned to go, but a voice interrupted.

"That's where you're wrong at."

He stopped.

"Catsy saw you, and she'll come after you. Naturally, since you've helped Sailor Moon, they'll assume that you're a guardian of the Princess as well. I'm sorry, but you're already a factor," Artemis finished. Much deeper than you know. But he kept this to himself.

For a moment, Heero didn't reply. His face remained blank as he turned over the thoughts in his head. Finally he spoke. "It's you. You're this Princess." he said. It wasn't a question.

Both Serena and Luna gasped. "What?! How'd you know??!!!," the blonde shrieked. For once Luna didn't object. Artemis just stared.

The pilot scowled. Did she think he was an idiot?

"Anyway....You're right," Artemis started, "You don't know anything about this situation." Heero's frown deepened. What was this cat getting at?

"Except of course," the cat continued, "The identities of the Last generation Silver Moon Princess and Sailor Moon." Heero glared. Luna did likewise.

"ARTEMIS!!!!!!!" She screamed, "Even if he didn't know, you just told him everything in a single sentence!!!" The white cat feigned a look of surprise.

"Did I?" he asked innocently, head cradled on Serena's chest. Heero wanted to kill the whole lot of them. And that Cat. He didn't like it at all. It was definately up to something, he knew. Up to no good, as far as he was concerned. No matter. He could close his ears to such things. He refused to be blackmailed by an ANIMAL.

He turned, walking away without even a backwards glance.

Serena stared after him. He was leaving. But it was just as well. She wouldn't wish anyone danger, and to remain with her was SURELY that. He'd saved her life. Prevented the Black Moon from taking her. But.....something definatly puzzled her. He wasn't from around here. He'd looked confused when she'd told him the year. Well, as confused as his cold expression would allow. For some reason, he seemed....out of if he didn't belonged here. The Black Moon would find him, and they would kill him. Catsy had seen him with Sailor Moon, and she would tell the others for sure. And regardless of his opinion, she had dealt with the Black Moon family. They were dangerous, despite it's seemingly bumbling minions.

Nodding her head, she made up her mind. She would protect this young man. Eyes glinting with renewed determination, she tightened her gripe on Artemis, a new purpose to fulfill.


Zechs Marquis faced his sister, the current Queen Relena, eyes hidden behind his mask. "And you're sure you're alright?," he asked again, voice strained. Relena looked up at him, puzzled.

"Why, of course, brother. Why wouldn't I be?" She gave him a strange look. "Miliardo," she began. "Has something happened? You know how I hate violence. Why must you continue this nonsense? Why must you continue to fight? We must all cease this senseless violence and give in to the true cause of our parents."

She stepped forward, stopping a few inches before him.

"Milardo, try to think. Is this really what our dear father wished for us? You know as well as I do, that true peace cannot be acquired through violence."

He'd left soon after that. He hated when she began talking like that. It made him feel so guilty. It was a constant reminder of the kind of life he led..the kind of person he was. He was a soldier. A fighter. Something that went against everything his family had stood for. was all for them! He was fighting to avenge his family. It was because of their refusal to fight that the original Sanq kingdom had been destroyed.

He sighed.

Noin, who had been keeping close tabs on the girl, had assured him that Relena was alright, but he'd had to make sure. He had to see with his own eyes. Those dreams seemed so real.....and Relena was after all, the only Princess he knew.

Well, Princess turned Queen.

But he'd had to make sure. And so he'd snuck into the Romefellor foundation to see her. Sometimes he wondered if he was really even a Peacecraft at all. He seemed so backwards compared to the former. Even Relena, who hadn't remembered her parents, was taking on the telltale characteristics of a Peacecraft.

But he couldn't pretend. He couldn't hide behind false beliefs. He just didn't believe that peace could acquire anything. If you wanted something, you had to fight for it.

And he would continue to fight.

He felt strangely cold. Empty. And to match his mood, he found himself in the cold regions of what used to be Northern Russia. The soldiers were moving out, excited by the prospect of serving the newly crowned Queen Relena. He sipped on his hot cocoa, thinking back. When exactly had his life ceased meaning?

I lost something....long ago..

He had nothing left to protect.

For me, this war is over.

"Excuse me, you're Colonel Zechs, are you not?" Miliardo was startled out of his thoughts by an unfamiliar voice.

"Wrong guy," he replied cooly, not even bothering to turn around.

"Oh. Well then, you must be Ambassador Miliardo." His grip tightened on his mug. >A new voice spoke.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Caans, and I'm with the White Fang revolutionaries, who are fighting to free the people of the colonies as we speak."

"Let me guess," Miliardo replied, "you're not satisfied with the colonies, so you want to start a revolution on Earth." He was only mildly sarcastic.

Caans laughed.

"Thats pretty amusing," he stated dryly. "They don't call you 'Lightening Count' for nothing." He sat down next to Miliardo on one of the bar stools. Miliardo stiffened.

"Sorry," he said coldly. "But I've got nothing to say to you." What did they want anyway? He cast a sideways glance at the man. He was middle aged. Perhaps around forty or so. His hair was a premature white/gray, and he had a small frame.

Caans sighed. "It comes as no great surprise that you'd have trouble trusting our cause. All we did was take up the beliefs of our former leader, Heero Yuy." He clasped his hand together. "It's my understanding that at one point you were sympathetic to the independence of the colonies. When you came as Peacecraft of the Cinq Kingdom."

Miliardo's head turn sharply.

"Just what is it you're trying to get me to do?," he remarked angrily. He hated beating around the bush.

Caans smiled, knowing he had his full attention.

"We want you to come back to outer space with us. And bring your Gundam. I think we might have someone you'd be very interested in meeting..."

Miliardo didn't answer. Ofcourse. The Gundams were symbols of rebellion. It only figured that they'd want it too. And he didn't even bother thinking of this...'mystery person' he claimed to have. He hadn't made any promises. He'd left the shop, going into the cold, snowy air. He needed to think. The sharp wind whipped at his face, stung his eyes. He walked, no particular place in mind. Why didn't he have any answers anymore?

Then he saw it.

Epyon. That burgundy Gundam designed by Trieze. It all came back to that. Even unconsciously, his legs led him to the weapons of war. Perhaps that was just where he was destined to be.

"Epyon," he whispered. Could it tell him the answer? Of why he felt so empty?


He'd use Epyon. And whatever answer it gave, he would conside by it.


Heero tried to think as he viewed his surroundings. It was around midday...maybe a little past. The noon day crowds were starting to clear. The differences between this time and his own were clearly evident. For one thing, there was an air of gaiety; everyone was carefree..the only major problems they had were getting to work ontime, or deciding on which place to eat for lunch. And there were no soldiers in the streets; infact, he saw no law officals at all. It all felt very strange. So this was what it was like before war. To be able to walk in the streets without worrying about being discovered..

It was then that he noticed the stares.

Odd looks. Some sympathetic, others just uneasy. It was another few blocks before he realized why. The shot wound on his leg. It had begun to bleed again, soaking through the bandage wrappings. He cursed. Maybe he shouldn't have attempted that leap from the 2nd story.

After that, he kept to the shadows. He couldn't afford to draw any unwanted attention to himself. Much as he hated to admit it, that white cat was right. This Black Moon organization would most likely link him to that girl...they'd be coming after him. Oh well. He could handle them easily. He just needed to load up on more ammo.

Passing one of the sidewalk stores he had a thought. That security guard. He was bound to have a gun...and even though it was unlikely that the bullets would fit HIS gun, he could still steal the gun from the guard.

Yes. That would be it.

He slipped carefully into one of the brightly lit stores. He'd have to be careful. There were way too many witnesses around, and he could be easily identified. The last thing he needed was to be tagged right now.

About five minutes later, the security guard lay unconscious on the bathroom floor, stripped of his gun. Heero grunted as he studied the cold metal weapon.

Antique. That was the only word he could think of to describe the old clunker. The gun had to be older than time itself. He scowled. Oh well. He supposed it didn't matter, as long as he got the job done. Putting the gun in it's usual hidden place, he stealthily exited through the back entrance.

He winced. He really would have to do something about that blasted bullet wound. It was dripping all over the street. At this rate he'd be discovered; he was leaving a clear path straight to him. He paled, falling against the brick wall of the store.

"Shit," he cursed.

He wouldn't pass out again. He refused to. But what was he supposed to do, especially with his strength failing him every moment? He had to get somewhere fast, out of the view of people. But at that moment he felt a weird sensation. As if he were being watched.

He turned. Could it be that Catsy lady? He could handle her he was sure, even WITH his wounds. However, what met his eyes, was a totally different sight.


She'd found him! Or rather, a trail of blood. She felt a sickening feeling. If he was losing that much blood, he would need help immediately! And then she saw him, walking into one of those corner boutiques. She had to follow him! But she didn't want to seem to conspicuous...he'd notice her for sure!! But she couldn't let him get caught! Somehow she had to protect him without being seen....

How would she do it?

I have to be smart about this, she thought. But smart definately wasn't in her department. If only she were clever, like Amy. She could have thought up a plan or a disguise and-

Disguise! The disguise pen!!!!

Giggling, she held it up. "Serena, what are you doing?," Luna asked, confused. Serena didn't answer. Instead, she brought the pen to the sun, saying the words.

"Disguise Power! Turn me into a.....a......" she paused, stumped. It had to be something inconspicuos....

"It's midday....most people are at work y'know," Artemis supplied helpfully.

"OH YEA!! Thanks!!!" she grinned. "Turn me into a successful business woman!" There was a bright flash, and when the light faded, there stood a taller, more sophisticated looking Serena; Briefcase included. She wore a light pink two piece skirt suit, complete with matching heel shoes. Her hair was cropped off...Shoulder length, giving her a chic modern buisness-girl look. Her brow furrowed in that rare sudden seriousness.

"Luna, Artemis!," she ordered, "I want you two to split up and keep a lookout for anything weird. I'll follow that guy, k?"

Luna frowned. It was almost amazing what those transformations did to Serena. It seemed sometimes that her whole persona changed drastically the moment she was someone else.

But she knew that the pen had nothing to do with it. It was Serena herself...takeing on her role as the princess. And without the scouts around to get her out of trouble, she had to do most of the thinking herself. Which, in a way, was a good thing....anything that got Serena thinking was a good thing. But Luna wasn't sure if the price was worth it.

She opened her mouth to object, but Artemis shook his head. Serena hadn't been this alive since....IT had happened. The death of the Senshi.

He sighed.

The senshi. Gone forever now. It hurt. Everytime he saw Mina, or one of the other girls going to school......and to know that they didn't remember their lives as Sailors, and never would. But it's better this way for them... he murmured in Serena's arms. They had normal lives now. But without the support of her Senshi, what did Serena have? Ever since then, she'd been alone. All alone. Without even the love of her Prince. For he too had been affected the same as the Scouts. He had given up his life for her, as had hopes of giving her a chance at a normal life.

But the crystal hadn't wanted that.

After the fight with Queen Beryl, it had woken her from her endless endless sleep in the happy life of normalcy. And suddenly, she wasn't just an ordinary girl anymore. Her life was spiraling back...back into fighting the neverending war for the Earth, but now she had to do it alone, without the Senshi and Endymion, who had given up their power's.

And her friends...her school friends had begun to drift since the day she'd first became Sailor Moon. They'd sensed she 'd been hiding things from them. Living a double life...And when the Senshi had come into the picture, there just hadn't been enough time for them. She'd distanced herself from them purposely, in hopes of keeping them safe.

Now coming back to the present, she clinched her fists. She refused to let the Black Moon win. She had no idea what they were after wanting her, but she'd stop them. Even without the scouts. Artemis hopped down from Serena's arms. He had learned to trust her. She wouldn't do anything she didn't think was right. And besides that, Serena was the princess. With a last backward glance at her, he bounded off.

"Serena...are you sure you can walk in those heels?," Luna asked, to hide her concern. The girl smiled knowingly, and picking up her briefcase, began walking towards the store.


Followed. Someone was following him. He'd known it since before he'd even stepped into the store. A smirk crossed his lips. Whomever was stupid enough to follow Heero Yuy deserved everything they got.

And he intended to give this woman nothing but trouble.

He waited in the shadows, gun in hand, as she stumbled out of the exit.....and fell flat on her face.

"Owwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!," she moaned. These heels didn't work at all. She wondered how Sailor Mars had ever been able to fight in them...much less walk.


She looked up. There stood Heero, gun in hand, his tousled brown hair concealing his bright prussian eyes. Play it cool Serena...he has no idea who you don't wanna blow your cover do you? She stood up, and Heero immediately scowled.

"I won't change my mind."

She was shocked. He couldn't know who she was...could he? She was in disguise!!! She decided to play it cool. "Young man, what on earth are you talking about?" She giggled to herself, crossing her arms. She was starting to sound more and more like Luna everyday!

The boy regarded her silently for a moment before answering. "I don't know how you did it, changing your body like that, but I don't doubt for a moment who you are." It was true. She did look different. She was taller, for one thing. Almost 5"7 he'd guess, with the heels on. And her hair. It was shorter, not in that ridiculous odango style anymore. And yet it still held that goldeny sheen to it...that angelique the evening sun. As if Midas himself had touched her hair. His eyes traveled her length, surveying. She was more mature...her body that is. It was more shapelier, more woman like.

He guessed that this was what she'd look like when she got a little older. His eyes drifted back up to her face, to her eyes. Those bright crystalline blue eyes... still so wide and innocent. He found himself growing angry at this, but he didn't know why. Why should he care, that even in an older form, those eyes still held the innocence of a child?

Serena stared back, a little frightened by the intensity of his gaze, yet unable to look away. Do SOMETHING!, she pleaded silently to him. Say something, do something....ANYTHING!, her mind screamed. She just couldn't take this silence.

He closed his eyes for a split second. He didn't like this girl. Didn't like the way she was affecting him. Getting in the way of his mission. No, she was a problem he didn't need right now. An expendable problem.

And problems had to be eliminated.

He opened his eyes. His mind was made up, the decision made. He lifted his gun. Everything....all that was all somehow seemed to lead right back to this girl. She was the center,..this Serena, this Sailor Moon, this....Moon Princess. All his problems...everything...even coming into this world she had been the first person he'd seen. Yes. It was best this way.

Then why was he hesitating?

Her eyes seemed to grow even wider for a cloud with confusion. But then they suddenly cleared, and she seemed to stand straighter. No more crybaby blondie. No, not now. This was the Princess herself in disguise. She fell to her knees, hands clenched in front of her. She wouldn't struggle. Just see if he would do it. His stoic face almost blinked in surprise, but he remained expressionless, coming to stand directly in front of her, gun aimed and ready.

He watched as her eyes filled with tears...tears that never spilled over.

"Say Goodbye....Serena." It was the first time he'd called her by her name. He pulled the trigger, and the strange calm that had come over Serena evaporated. She cried out, and fell to the ground, unconscious. or a brief moment, he was frozen in time....The world had stopped and everything seemed quiet.

He was breathing hard, his brow was wet. Gripped the gun so tightly his knuckles turned white.


The question kept turning around in his head.


It swam in circles, that question. And no matter how much he pushed it down...tried to drown the thought, it always floated back up to the surface. He looked up, stared straight ahead at the bullet hole in the wall of the store. It was still smoking.

He was Heero Yuy....The Perfect Soldier...He let nothing stand in the way of his missions....He was utterly obedient, not quiting till he got the job done...even willing to give his life for it.

"So why...Why can't I kill this girl!" He whispered harshly of himself. "Nothing must get in the way of my mission..."

"That is precisely the answer, Heero," A voice stated. He didn't even bother to look up. "Because," the voice continued, "she is your mission."

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