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The Boy concentrated. The woman had been very apt about him concentrating, and had stressed especially the dangers of being lost in the 'endless void of time.' And although he hadn't quite known what that meant, the way she'd said it made it sound especially bad.

He took one last deep breath, reminding himself that everyone was counting on him; The Great Deku tree, the people, Zelda... It was up to him to bring back the light of hope; the silvery haired deity of the Moon, to be the savior of Hyrule.

Now the little boy brought the ocarina up to his lips and played the song...the song that would take him to this foreign goddess that could save them all, the song the lady with the green hair had taught him... The Symphony of the Moon...Selenity's tears.

And the boy left Hyrule, and the Temple of Time.


"Give that back you little spore!!," Serena screamed at Rini.

"Not till you promise to take me with you!," cried the smaller, pink haired girl, clutching the manga even tighter.

"You're wrinkling the pages!," Serena yelled furiously, yellow streams of hair flying. She chased the girl around the room, her room, with Luna occasionally dodging.

The cat sighed.

"Can't the two of you get along for at least five minutes?," she pleaded.

"Not until SHE stops acting like such a...BRAT!" Serena cried in a rage.

"And not until SHE stops acting so immature and takes me along with her on her date with Darian!" Rini shot back defiantly, with Luna P behind her. Luna simply gave up and was about to ask to be let out, when a sudden blinding light erupted from the middle of the room, momentarily blinding everyone. Serena was the first to recover.

She rubbed her eyes and looked around the room dazedly, expecting to see something, but certainly not the sight that met her eyes. In the middle of her bed, looking as confused as she felt, was a small boy..a child even, who looked no older than Rini, infact. He was decked out all in green, except for his belt and boots, which were brown. His slanted blue eyes were wide with perplexion as he surveyed his surroundings. Strawberry blonde hair caught in the afternoon sunlight.

Why, he's some sort of warrier, Serena realized with a start, suddenly noticing his shield and something that looked suspiciously like a small sword. He stood stock still, gazing around the room and clutching something tightly in his hands. Beside her, Rini gasped sharply.

"You're a Faery!!!" She remarked. Serena gasped as well. She'd been so busy noticing everything else, that she hadn't seen his ears, which did indeed look 'faeryish.' The boy however, didn't seem to be paying much attention to the two shocked girls.

"This can't be right," Link mumbled to himself. This didn't look like a place any GODDESS would reside. It was rather messy, infact. He was standing on a bed of some sort, which was overflowing with toy animals.


"Um....s'cuse me?" He looked up. It was that girl, the tall one.

"Who are you? And why are you in my room??," she asked curiously. And why doesn't he get off my bed?, she wondered to some annoyance. Those boots of his didn't look too clean.

Faced then with such a direct question and by such an unfamiliar girl, Link found himself feeling suddenly felt flustered. "I-I....." The three pairs of eyes staring at him didn't make it any better. "I'm lookin' for Selenity!," he finally piped, gazing innocently into those deep blue eyes.

"Selenity?" He glanced down unfazed. He'd seen stranger things than talking cats. "Why?" The curious tone continued, now sounded suspicious.

"Who are you?" This came from the shorter girl. She had weird pink hair and some floating creature seemed to following her every move. She reminded him of a rabbit. Infact, both girls did, with their strange hair done up in uncommon styles. Link sighed.

"We need her...she's got to help me save Hyrule."

"Hyrule? Is that where you're from?" He nodded.

"She's the goddess of the moon. Zelda told me so."


Link began to grow annoyed. He just wanted to find the goddess and leave. The Great Deku Tree had told him that HE was responsible for Hyrule's future. Every moment wasted could result in it's destruction, and he'd already wasted enough time already. "Yes," he answered impationatly. "Now I have to get going..Hyrule's in trouble, so do you know where I can find 'lenity or not?"

Serena, who had been silent, finally spoke.

"I'm Selenity."

"SERENA!!!," Luna and Rini screamed in union. They groaned. "Serena!, " Rini cried, "how do you know we can trust this guy?"

Serena didn't answer. She didn't know, truth be told. Something about this boy felt....right somehow. He was just a child, and he already had such a big responsibility, which he seemed to be facing up to with no difficulty. At that age, she probably wouldn't have even known what to do. Where do these super kids come from?, she thought mildly, thinking of Rini.

Link viewed her skeptically. This weird-haired girl was Selenity? She didn't even look like a goddess...She looked like a....GIRL. And she didn't look silvery at all. Nothing like a moon goddess. This girl didn't look like she was in any way related to the moon. Quite the opposite, infact. She reminded him more of a solar deity.

It's the hair, he suddenly realized. It was a golden blonde, like a mid afternoon day. He scowled as she began to walk towards him.

"What's your name?," she asked gently. With him standing on her bed, they were eye to eye. He suddenly found himself staring into those eyes again. He looked away, clutching the ocarina and blushing slightly.


"'s Link."

"Link? That's weird." This from the pink haired freak. Link glared. The little girl caught his glare and stuck out her tongue. Hmph. He hadn't the time for such childish games. Even so, he had to resist the urge to return the gester. Frowning, he turned his attention back to the golden haired girl.

"Link, huh? Well, I'll go with you." Below them, Luna face vaulted. Link regarded her in unconcealed surprise.

"SerEENAA!!!!!!!!!!! You Meatball Head!!," Rini complained. "You can't just go off to some strange land....we don't know anything about this situation...for all we know, ELF-BOY here might be some Negaverse creep!"

Elf-boy?? Link glowered angrily. He was begining to hate that rabbit girl with her odd pink hair. She even had red eyes like a rabbit. Probably rabid, too. He found himself thinking in aggravation. The thought cheered him.

"Rini...I don't think he's from the Negaverse.." Serena began calmly. "And I don't get any weird vibes from him. Besides, it's my duty as Sailor Moon to help those in trouble." She smiled.

Luna was speechless.

The girl had actually made a mature speech. And her date with Darien seemed all but forgotten. But that still didn't change things. "Serena," the cat insisted, "I think we should get in touch with the other Scouts before making any hasty decisions."

"No time Luna..." She turned to Link, her yellow pigtails flying. "Ready?"


He brought the ocarina to his lips, hoping beyond hope that it would work. He hadn't counted on having to bring himself and another back...He'd figured the Goddess would just transport them back or something. Obviously though, this Goddess knew nothing...if she was a Goddess at all. He wasn't so sure. But she was obviously something special, otherwise why would the kitty and the pink haired freak be making such a fuss? Why was he taking her with him anyway? She would only get in his way...slow him down.

But he couldn't bring himself to turn her away. Especially after how she'd stood up for him against the other two. Who knew? Maybe she did have some sort of power. Atleast, he hoped she did. He sighed. Saria always said he was too nice for his own good.

She climbed up on the bed beside him as he began to play. His fingers found the familiar air holes, and his lips blew gently into the small ocarina. He closed his eyes and began to play the haunting melody once again. The Sympony of the Moon...Selenity's Tears.

In a flash, they had vanished.

Rini and Luna gasped.

"Oh no! Serena!!!!," the little girl cried. She started out the room, heading for Darien's, but Luna stopped her.

"Rini! Stay here! I'll go and tell the others!!!" Serena had taken her comunicator, and she wanted Rini here incase they returned.

"That guy kidnapped her!!!," Rini cried, remembering the time she, along with all the other children, had been kidnapped by fairies.

"Don't worry!!," Luna comforted. "Sailor Moon is the champion of justice...she can handle it...and remember, she's protected by the silver crystal." At least I hope she is, she prayed silently. And she ran out the door.

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