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9/05/08:: I AM ALIVE! It's been roughly a little over four years since I've updated, but the dry spell is about to be over. Currently I'm in the process of editing some of my older work. (some of which I look back on and CRINGE) Most of this stuff was written when I was about 17 years old, which was about 8 years ago, so I've got ALOT of clean up to do! Second Chance is up first for an update. Followed by Tenshi no Tsuki, and then Stellar Soldiers. Again, I want to thank those of you who still check the site on a regular basis for updates, and those of you who even found the time to drop me an email of encouragement. They were much appreciated and I love you ALL. No one wants these fics to be finished more than I do, (well, perhaps there are several of you out there who DO...) It is all appreciated, and I look forward to the day when I actually have an UPDATE. (which should be within the next few weeks) (^.^)

10/28/04:: Geez! You guys have GOT to start telling me when stuff is wrong on the site. In case you haven't noticed, I'm more than a little absent minded, and once I update, sometimes I miss little mistakes here and there... So here are a few fixes to some of those errors:

*Firstly, the 'update' section is actually UP. If you hadn't noticed, I'd updated the rst of the site, but for some reason neglected to put up the new update page. Oh, it was done alright, but I just hadn't converted the old one for some odd reason. I know many of you probably found this odd, and probably had trouble navigating the site not knowing what was what...(Sorry!!)

* of the new fanfictions, (previously called The Lunar Spell) wasn't working. If any of you have tried that link, you probably got something like, "page doesn't exist" or "page error". Anyway, the problem has been fixed, so you can actually SEE it now. But just to let you know, the title, (previously The Lunar Spell has been changed. It's now called Fukai Mori, which translates to 'Deep Forest'. If this looks familiar to you, then it should be. It was the ending theme to the second season of InuYasha. (Yes this is an InuYasha/SM fic..) Anywho, that's about the extent of the updates I've managed to do so far. I'm EXTREMLY busy as of late, with hardly any time to do much of anything...whenever I DO get a free moment, I'm usually sleeping. (-_-)\ Hopefully I'll have more time as classes let out for the holidays..but then there's always the holiday rush at work.....ARG! The stresses of everyday life...

7/22/04:: Welp, here it is...finally after nearly three years of no updates, (basically an unofficial hiatus..) I decided to get off my lazy bum and update this place. Welcome to the new and improved Sagundra: V3.0! Yes, I know it's a VERY drastic change from the old design. (No more dark colors, no more Heero and Goku in the central picture..) I hope this doesn't bother any of you out there. I kept thinking that the theme of this site didn't quite match the concept. Sure there was a joke-esque, laid back atmosphere, but the fanfiction themselves were romance based. I wanted to make the site look more...feminine and romantic and not so bulky and dark. However, at the same time I wanted to keep a bit of the 'joke-i-ness' the site had..hence the image to your left. (yes, that is a top-hat on Usagi-hime's head.) I hope you guys like the new changes. In addition to a new look, I also added some new sections to the site: Sailor Moon Says and the Why section. I also changed the names of some sections. The formally known 'Previews' page is now more accurately called 'Teasers'.

Ok. And now for the real updates; the ones everyone's been waiting over 2 years for. Updates in fanfiction. First of all, I had to take some fanfiction down due to rewrites/revisions. I know you guys will be happy with the newer versions of these fics. Fics that remain up have been modified as far as layout and spelling goes. (Hey. I was 17 when I wrote most of this stuff...there are bound to be errors, right? ^^). As of yet, there are no new updates in previously written fics- I've been dedicating all my free time to fixing up this page- but there WILL be updates in those fics soon, I promise. Okay. Now for the new fics. (YES I've finally managed to write some new SM crossovers.) These are: The Lunar Spell an Inu Yasha/SM crossover, (in the Misc section of the fics) and The Grateful Dead, another SM/DBZ ficcy. (Yea..I love those.) ^^ And Fate is so Beautiful, a new Gundam Wing/SM fic. Also, since I'm still in the process of updating, certain sections aren't up yet. I've managed to get all the important stuff up, but as far as the gallary and the cover stories, they are still in the works. Anyways, enjoy the new site, and if you encounter any problems please let me know. (Especially you netscape users.) I've used frames on certain pages, so PLEASE PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me if you have any problems, so that I can fix it ASAP. Enjoy the site, and I'd love to hear what you think of the changes, good or bad. Ja! ~AnthyRose