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Usagi Tsukino

Names: Usagi Tsukino, Bunny, Serena

Anime/Manga: Sailor Moon, Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon

Age: 14

Birthday: June 30th

Usagi/Bunny/Serena. The star of most Sailor Moon crossover fics. She's a favorite among authors, simply because there's just so much to DO with her. Her powers and past life offer UNLIMITED possiblities in a fic, and the fact that she's not perfect or drop dead gorgeous appeals to everyone.

She's the leader of the Sailor Senshi, Moon Princess AND future queen of earth, but she also has her flaws. Sure, the others have theirs too, but somehow her's seem much more average and believable. Although she isn't shy like the blue haired Ami, she also isn't a super genius. And although she isn't beautiful, mysterious, graceful OR admired by all, she also isn't so steadfastly dedicated to things such as Rei. (the manga Rei, like when she pledged to never marry) She is an unprecidented clutz, and unlike Minako who is a vollyball extrodonaire, Usagi is a disater waiting to happen on a field. And even though she may like to EAT food, she's certainly no chef while COOKING it, like Makoto is. This is something which sets her apart from the rest of the senshi. The other four have visible talents. Ami with her brains, Rei with her grace, beauty and 6th sense, Minako with her vollyball (or sports) and Makoto with both her cooking AND Karate. What does Usagi have? Nothing as visible as these talents. Even her own family acknowledges the fact that she is average. Something that many girls deal with at some point in their lives.

The fact that no one believes in her is also evident. In the early Sailor Moon series, (the anime), the others, (Luna and Rei especially) were constantly suprised when Usagi defeated something on her own. Remarks like, 'She did THAT?!' were common-place, usually coming from Rei and or Luna.

Unlike most superheros, Usagi doesn't feel a unfailing duty to protect, and one can almost get the feeling that at first, the only reason she even fought at all was because of guilt, and the fact that SHE was the only one to protect the earth. (later this changes) Usagi is a child in many ways forced to grow up too fast.

In fanfiction, she is usually portrayed as a protector NEEDING protection, (hence the love interests). And at first the only people she was usually paired with were Trunks, Vegeta, Heero, Duo, Ryo, and Sage. Although now there are a VARIETY of people she usually ends up with.

Usually (but not always) in SM fanfiction, Rei and Mamoru/Darian are portrayed as the 'bad guys'.

The plots of Sailor Moon crossovers are as follows:

-The Senshi do something to betray Usagi, causing her to make a wish on the Ginzuishou, which results in her being sent to another dimension.

-Usagi is unsatisfied with her chosen destiny and makes a wish on the Ginzuishou, which results in her being sent to another dimesion.

-Usagi is fed up with being unappreciated and makes a wish on the Ginzuishou which, (you guessed it) results in her being sent to another dimension.

Now, ofcourse there are OTHER plots. But for a long time these were the only kinds you'd see and just seemed to be the most common-place. These are also the plots in which I steadfastedly AVOID. I've read tons of stories like this, and grew tired of the overused plot. And I'm sure the world doesn't need any additions like that from me. ^^

The other kinds of fics involve Usagi becoming part of a permenant cast of an alternate universe. (Usually another Anime) Such as:

-DBZ: Usagi is sometimes portrayed as either the 3rd child of Goku and Chi Chi, or the 2nd child of Vegeta and Bulma. She is trained by..either Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, or very recently even Piccolo. Usually she grows very strong in combination with the Ginzuishou and somewhere along the line she, more often than not, turns out to be a 'lost Saiya-jin'.

-GW: Usagi is sometimes portrayed as Quatre's long lost sister, or a sister of one of the other pilots. Usually she is trained by one of the pilots and ends up being the pilot to another Gundam. Setsuna is usually portrayed as her gundam scientist.

Those particular plots were very popular at one point. However, since I haven't read a Sailor Moon crossover since last year, (2001), I don't know what the standard plot is now. Even though these plots are very common, if they're well written and thought out, then they never cease to amaze me. It's just very intriguing to see how Usagi reacts in different environments other than the Sailor Moon universe. ^^

Recently the SM crossover genre has been widening to different anime as well, and is no longer limited to DBZ or GW. You can now find a variety of different Sailor Moon crossovers, thanx to the growing popularity of anime in the U.S.

Please note that these are just my opinions, and in no way reflect the views of others.


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