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Part One

'The universe is heaven, and the Gods are their species.'

Long ago, before shape or form...before time, there was Chaos. From Chaos sprang Being, and from Being sprang the Light and the Darkness....'

The Ginzuishou called to her. She could hear it's summoning amongst the quiet place she rested. A place where she felt no was within the deepest crevice of nothingness.. And suddenly she was in a foggy garden, dressed again as the Neo-Queen.

"Ginzuishou," she demanded angrily, "why am I here? Why did you summon me?"

And then she felt it. Something dark...something sinister lurking over the earth. Something hidden deep within...something settled for centuries...


For Millennia.

She gasped. How was it that she hadn't sensed this darkness before? How could she have missed it? Was it possible that she hadn't been strong enough to sense it before? Even now it was a strain, and she would have missed it altogether had the Ginzuishou not pointed it out to her.

She closed her eyes and nodded her head. She knew what she had to do. It was her duty... No. It was her Destiny...her birthright, to guard this Solar System, and she would do it.

"Ginzuishou!," she shouted, "I'm ready!"

And then she opened her eyes.

She found herself immediately in a crowded area. From the busy rushed feeling she was getting, she could sense that something important was about to take place. Turning, she grabbed onto the person nearest her.

"Excuse me...could you tell me what's going on here?," she asked curiously. The man gave her an astonished look.

"You mean you don't know?," he asked unbelievingly, shaking his head. "Where've you been kid? This is the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament!"

She gave him a confused look. "What's that?"

The man looked ready to keel over. "Geez!," he started. "You musta been living under a rock or somethin'!  It's a tournament held where the strongest fighters in the world come to test out their abilities and fight against other fighters." He shook his head in disbelief that anyone could be so ignorant about the tournament.

Why would the Ginzuishou bring me here?, she wondered. She thanked the man and continued on her way. It was then that she noticed the way she was dressed.

She was back in her old school uniform, complete with the glossy black shoes. She gave a sigh of relief. Atleast the Ginzuishou was looking out for her. She'd hate to think of the stares she'd get if she'd been transported as the Neo-Queen.

She sighed again, brushing back a strand of loose hair.  So she was in the middle of some kind of tournament. She still didn't understand why the Ginzuishou would bring her here, but it had never led her wrong before, so.....

Perhaps whatever's I'm looking for is here...

If that was the case, then she definalely needed to find it fast. A lot of innocent people could get hurt! She closed her eyes and focused her all her senses on locating the evil. Ofcourse, it would help if she knew what she was looking for.  After a moment she gave up, with a growl of frustration. Why couldn't she sense anything? It was as if it knew she was there, and was hiding...

Suddenly she felt a spark.  She could sense it...she could sense something suddenly arriving on earth...something that didn't quiet belong...

She shook her head, stiffening.  So now she had yet another potentially evil force to worry about.  Just what had been going on while she'd been asleep all those years?!  She should have woken up..should have sensed this power before now!  How could she let things acumulate to such a degree?  She snapped back to attention, as someone bumped into her arm.  Everyone seemed to be walking in one direction, or rushing, she mused wryly.  It reminded her of her days as a young girl.  Back when she lacked the patience she had grown to learn...

Something was about to take place.  Curiously, she ceased her reminscing and followed the crowd, finding herself in a long line.  She frowned.  What was this line for?  She could barely see anything, the people in front of her were so tall....

She tapped the one nearest to her on the arm and he turned.  "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you...but what's going on?  Why are we all lined up like this?"  The man gave a cheerful smile, and she was struck at how odd his hair seemed.

"Well," he began, "I think they're somehow planning to test our strength or something...I dunno...they didn't have this when I was a kid.  We just started fighting."  He flashed that brilliant smile again and she laughed.  He reminded her of herself;  of the way she used to be before everything happened.....

She suddenly noticed that he had a halo over his head.  She gasped.  This man....was dead?  The man noticed her gaze and laughed.

"Wow!," he began, "Most people don't seem to notice that for some reason!" He beamed with innocent pride at her discovery.  She blinked, and before she could stop herself, her impulsive side, a side she had long since buried, emerged, and she couldn't stop herself from asking the question.


But the man seemed to expect it, his dark eyes glowing with childlike glee.  He turned around fully now, so that he was facing her, and for the first time she noticed how tall he much bigger.

"Well, see, about 7 years ago there was this evil android creature named Cell who was created by Dr. Gero...that's this evil crazy mad scientist guy.  Anyways, he wanted revenge on me for destroying his army, so he created this being called Cell who had all the cells of the strongest fighters on earth and-"

"GOKU!  What are you doing?!," The man, 'Goku', turned, while Serenity's eyes drifted to the stranger's.  And strange he was.  But nothing that she hadn't seen before. She met his gaze with cool calmness, not at all disturbed by his green skin and pointed ears.  He looked similar to the Aliens she'd known back when she was a kid, Allen and Anne.  He was dressed in a cream colored cape and turban, along with a royal purple colored gi. 

The man glared.

"Goku," the green man began coldly.  "You can't just go around blabbing things to strangers." he shot her a icy frown as if to emphasis his point.  Serenity was unfazed.

"AWWW!  C'mon Piccolo!  I mean, I was just making conversation, geez!!!!  Excuse me for living!"  Then, as if realizing what he'd just said, he began to giggle.  Afterall, he wasn't living.  He was DEAD!  Serenity smiled.  This man was too much.  The green man, growled, a deep sound low in his throat, meeting her eyes steadily.  And suddenly she gasped.  This man...he was-

Apparently the man, or Piccolo as Goku had called him, felt the same thing, because his eyes opened wide and he made a choked sound in his throat.  "Y-you..." 

Goku frowned, watching both with obvious confusion.  "Piccolo..hey, are you ok?  You look like you've just seen a ghost!"  He didn't answer, continuing to stare at the girl in a stupified shock.  He didn't recognize her of course.  Infact, he probably wouldn't have even given her a second glance.  He could sense no ki from her..atleast nothing above the average human.  And besides that ridiculous hair style she wore, she was no different from the other humans here.  But his other half -his god-half, Kami - had reconized her.  He'd seen through her disguise, even if Piccolo hadn't.  Seen through the childlike image she was trying to portray, ignoring her school girl uniform and pigtails.  As the former guardian of Earth, he'd looked straight into her eyes..into her heart, and seen right through her facade and recognized her for what she really was. 

The true guardian of the earth. 

The Legendary Moon Goddess, the Neo-Queen Serenity.

But if she were here then that could only mean one thing.  The apocolyse was at hand.  The earth was finally doomed.

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